Unique Ideas to Propose Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend for Wedding

Unique Ideas to Propose Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend for wedding

So, you’ve spent a few weeks or months with your soul mate and now you want to propose them for the wedding? Well, this article is going to solve your problem in an excellent way. We know that people often feel confused when they are about to propose their soul mate for the wedding. Many people are unsure about whether they’d receive a positive response or not. And some are confused about using an idea to propose their boyfriend/girlfriend.

If you’re also at this stage, we can help you by providing information about unique ideas you can use to propose your soul mate. Instead of spending a huge amount of money on buying a gift, you should go for ideas that can leave your soul mate surprised. Here are the unique ideas you can use to propose your boyfriend/girlfriend for the wedding.


Surprise them in the Middle of nowhere

Unique Ideas to Propose Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend for Wedding

This idea requires some effort and homework as well. You need to plan a road trip with your boyfriend/girlfriend. And then switch off the vehicle in the middle of nowhere and try to act like the engine has stopped working. Once you see the fear on their face, simply open the trunk space and give them an amazing surprise with some balloons and a cake. You’d definitely need the help of your friends to plan this surprise.


The same idea can be used in a different where a message can be displayed on the sky with the help of fireworks. This plan will only work at night and you’d have to find the fireworks that can make your plan successful. Also, don’t forget to bring an engagement ring with you as it’s a symbolic way of strengthening your relationship. We recommend buying engagement rings online from Etrnl as you can find a wide range of options there.


Propose Them on their Birthday Party

The birthday is the most precious day in everyone’s life. So, you can take advantage of this opportunity to propose your soul mate for the wedding. Simply, plan a surprise birthday party for your soul mate and then propose them with a beautiful engagement ring. Without any doubt, it’s the ideal way of getting a positive response from your soul mate.


You can also announce your engagement over the mic once your boyfriend/girlfriend has said yes to your proposal.

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