Things You Must Know Before Having A Swimming Pool Built

Swimming pools are a lot of fun especially if you have kids and you are a kid at heart. It is also a source of relief when the scorching sun and hot weather is unbearable. If you find yourself spending a lot of money for out of town vacations to swim on a decent public swimming pool, perhaps you should consider having one built in your backyard, if you have the resources and space for it.

Swimming pools are expensive and require tons of maintenance so you have to make sure you want it. Do your research and if the pros outweigh the cons, start calling contractors for your very own swimming pool.

Pool Type

Before you even begin thinking about the pool’s design, first you have to determine the type of pool you want. There are four types of in-ground swimming pools and best to know about their advantages and disadvantages before choosing which type of pool to have constructed. Of course, the financial resources and space that you have should also be a determinant. If you are sure you would not always have the time to clean the pool, choose the type that does not require that much maintenance.

If you want a swimming pool as soon as possible because the hot season is about to arrive, consider a pool that is easy to install. If you want your swimming pool to be unique, you could have it customized although it would take a longer time to install. These are just some of the things you need to consider before you decide on the type of swimming pool you want.

Pool Design

Depending on the pool type you prefer, you might be limited to the option of how you want your pool to look like. But, if you chose a concrete pool, you might be surprised by the unlimited number of designs you could use for your pool. Gone are days for the traditional rectangular shaped swimming pool and you could have it installed no matter which shape you want it to be.

Ask a contractor which pool design is better suited for your space and resources. Incorporate your ideas in the pool design and ask the contractor’s recommendation for the best materials to use. For the pool base, inquire about concrete sand which is a good choice and favoured by a lot of swimming pool owners.

Pool Installation

Once you have settled on pool design, you could ask the contractor to begin with the pool installation. The first thing you have to do is to make sure that the area where you want the pool to be located is clear and free from any debris. The pool builder would mark the area depending on the size and shape that you have agreed on and the installation process would begin.

The ground would be excavated (if the type of pool you choose to have built is an in-ground pool) and the whole process of concrete pool installation would usually take three to twelve weeks. Once the plumbing network has been laid down on the ground, the next process is the interior finishes.

Know these things first before you contact a swimming pool builder to make sure that your hard-earned money will be spent on something the whole family would enjoy.


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