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Match the Right Clutch with The Occasion

Putting an outfit together does not end with what you are wearing. When it comes to different occasion, the clutch purse or the handbag we are using need to match it too. This means you need to consider the style you are opting for, what kind of an occasion it is and match your bag with the rest of your outfit; clothes, shoes and jewellery. Take a look at the tips below to find out how to find the right bag for each occasion.

Casual Wear

If you are going casual this means you are dressed down than the usual party version. For this, you can basically use any kind of clutch that is not flashy. However, the trick is to match it with your outfit. For example, an evening outing with your friends is an occasion where you should not use a metallic or a highly decorated clutch. Instead opt for a sleeker looking leather purse.

This is also the perfect occasion to try out an oversized clutch. Oversized clutches are a trend that is retuning and it is more suited for an evening hangout than for a wedding or any other fancy event. This is also a chance for you to be a little bold with your outfit and try contrasting/ vibrant colours instead of coordinating shades of same colour.

Dressing Up

Weddings and other parties where you have to be a little dressier is an occasion where you do not have to worry about being overdressed. So, if there is a nice metallic clutch or one that is decorated with a few beads or stones lying on your closet, this is the chance to take it out.

If you are planning to buy a new one just to fit the occasion, check out the collection in DESEO bridal handbags to see a variety of style out can choose. For an occasion like this, make sure to carry a purse where you can keep only the most necessary items. You should not take oversized clutches for a wedding but at the same time make sure your purse is not bulky from stuffing all your items in it.


If you are not a fan of having a large assortment of clutches in your closet, the solution for this is to have one or two versatile clutches – ones that can fit any occasion in life. So, if you are buying an embellished clutch, remember that these do not fit every occasion. Same goes to the ones that are too casual looking such as a simple black purse.

Instead try to opt for more neutral colours like beige or tan. These colours can go be used for everyday events as well as something as glamorous as a cocktail party or a wedding. You can also try statement colours that are more vibrant – like red, navy or hot pink that you can match with your outfit, or contrast with it to give a balance. As ‘too much’ as these sounds, sometimes they are the perfect to look stylish and elegant.

Comfort and Functionality

As mentioned earlier, a bulky clutch leads to a sloppy look. If you are dressing up for any occasion and want to ensure that your outfit is on point, then please do not use overly tiny clutches no matter how cute you find them. When choosing your purse, the trick is to paying attention to its functionality as much has its style. If you have a little too much items to carry like your makeup or some extra cash, then pick a spacey clutch. Also make sure to pick something that you are comfortable carrying around. If larger ones are not your style or you feel they are too much to carry around, then there is no necessity of buying them. Instead, stick to your own personal preference.

The next time you choose your purse, consider these tips. Dress well and dress to impress!

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