Give Your Bathroom A Luxurious Feel with These Style Tips

Aside from the living room, the bathroom is another part of your home where you can relax and escape at the same time. It is where you prepare yourself to start the day and also where you freshen up after a busy day. With all of these functions, it is worth it to invest in your bathroom’s aesthetics making it more appealing to stay in. If you love to have that luxury hotel feel in your bathroom, here are some design tips to achieve it.

Go with Subtle Walls

One of the key characteristics of luxury bathrooms is subtle colours especially on its walls. Choose subtle finishes such as wood, marble and stone for a more sophisticated appeal. These finishes are easy to blend with other styles, especially those luxurious-looking bathroom fixtures. You may also try matching the walls with the floor tiles for a bold design that simply looks classy. Choose large tiles for a more natural looking design.

Refined Lighting Solutions

Warm and ambient lighting is one of the key features of a luxurious bathroom. It makes your bathroom look spacious yet comforting at the same time. Pair it with a dimmer switch so you can have a softer light while having a relaxing bath in the tub. If you have a bathroom vanity, don’t forget to place lighting around the vanity mirror for an unmatched luxurious feel. Be creative in your bathroom’s lighting and see which one complements its overall look.

Find a Classy Looking Bath

A luxury bathroom is never complete without a relaxing bathtub. Choose a bath that has a subtle design for a sophisticated look. Be sure to match the bath taps with the basin taps to have consistency in your bathroom design. Freestanding bathtubs are the most popular choice if you’re aiming for a luxurious bathroom ambience. For an extra touch of class, you may also consider a whirlpool bath to make every bath time more relaxing and calming.

Add a Vanity Mirror

Nothing adds more luxury to a bathroom than installing a vanity mirror. You’ll definitely have a bathroom that could wow all your guests because of its classy style. When choosing a vanity mirror, pick glass mirror instead of acrylic ones. Aside from being shinier and more reflective, its beauty and sheen also lasts longer than cheaper acrylic versions. Glass mirrors may cost more than acrylic but your investment will be definitely worth it.

Go for Spacious Shower Area

A spacious shower area coupled with wide shower heads can definitely make a statement in your bathroom. If you’re not into baths, ditch the tub and go for a shower area instead. Its minimalist feel makes your bathroom look more elegant than ever. Don’t forget to pair it up with a sliding shower enclosure to complete the look.

A luxurious-looking bathroom is definitely achievable when you try out these style tips. Be creative and explore the different possibilities you can do for a more beautiful bathroom.

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