Benefits Of Constantly Exercising Your Pelvic Muscles

You have heard that women benefit a lot from doing kegel exercises. But not a lot know that even men could benefit from exercising their pelvic muscles. Before you even start thinking about doing kegel exercises, the first thing you have to know is which are your pelvic muscles. For both men and women, it is easy to determine where your pelvic muscles are.

The next time you need to pee, start peeing then make it stop. The muscles that you use to control your peeing are your pelvic muscles. If you feel your stomach or thighs are the ones you are contracting, you are doing it wrong. Once you relax and you managed to stop your pee, you have identified your pelvic muscles.

Now that you know which muscles to exercise, knowing what the benefits are would help you remember to do them daily.

Sexual Benefits

One of the fun sides of doing kegels is the sexual benefits. Doing kegels helps relax women’s vagina. Once relaxed, penetration is more comfortable. Another benefit is added vaginal lubrication helps in increasing arousal and making it easy to orgasm. Women who have been doing kegel exercises on a regular basis also stated their orgasm became more intense. As for men, research states that doing kegel could help with erectile dysfunction since the exercise helps the penis gets hard because the bulbocavernosus muscle is built up. No wonder we all love the kegs!

Health Benefits

For both male and female, kegel exercises help with urinary or fecal incontinence which is the uncontrolled discharge of pee and poo which is kind of embarrassing. Pelvic exercises also help in making your muscles and tissues at the bottom of your pelvis keep your bladder, rectum, small intestine and of course your uterus, stay where they should be to properly function and do their purpose. When you do kegel, you also increase the flow of blood to your vaginal region which could improve its immunity to fight off yeast infection and other viruses your vagina is susceptible to.

Pregnancy Benefits

Pregnant ladies and mommies to be would be happy to know that kegels could help in easier birth. Since kegels help in controlling and strengthening your pelvic muscles, pushing a baby would of course not be plain sailing but still the exercise improved labor. Hemorrhoids are another health issue that ladies experience during pregnancy which could also be resolved with kegels and since pelvic muscles tend to become loose after childbirth, kegels stimulate the pelvic floor muscles back into shape.

Even if stopping your pee midstream is the best way to determine your pelvic muscles, you must not make it a habit of exercising it while you pee because it is a sure way of contracting a urinary tract infection. It might be difficult at first because you might end up exercising your thigh muscles or your stomach. But you would get used to it soon and remember, do it when your bladder is empty.

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