What you need to know about the Australia Parent Visa?

What you need to know about the Australia Parent Visa?

The Home Office has started receiving children’s sponsorship applications from April 2019. And many people have taken advantage of this facility to invite their parents to Australia. In the past, it was a bit difficult to get the Australia Parent Visa. Therefore, the Home Office has made certain changes to its policy to facilitate the people that are facing problems in meeting their parents.

However, you need to learn some important things about this visa before you consider applying for it. We’ll discuss some important things about Australian Parent Visa that everybody needs to know before applying for the visa. So, let’s get started.


Do you qualify for the Parent Visa?

What you need to know about the Australia Parent Visa?

If your child is a permanent resident, an Australian citizen, or eligible New Zealand Citizen, you are allowed to apply for this visa. This visa allows you to stay in Australia temporarily. The temporary parent visa is also available for the parents who have applied for the permanent parent visa. Thus, they won’t have to leave Australia when their application of permanent visa is being processed.


Sometimes, it takes a few months to get a permanent parent visa. In this situation, the temporary parent visa will accommodate your needs. The best thing about the new visa is that you aren’t required to meet the “balance of family test” anymore.


The duration of visa


The visa officer will provide you with a visa based on your current circumstances. You are allowed to apply for a three-year or a five-year visa. You need to keep in mind that you won’t be eligible for the social security benefits during your stay in Australia. And you won’t be allowed to work in Australia. Moreover, this visa is not a pathway to permanent residency. So, you’d have to reapply for the visa once the existing visa expires.


Who can send the sponsor?

If your child has been living in Australia for the last 4 years, they can sponsor you. They should be at least 18 years old. And they can only act as a sponsor if they meet the minimum household income threshold. You need to provide the proof that you can provide accommodation and manage the expenses of your parents when they are in Australia.


No healthcare eligibility


The healthcare and other types of government welfare facilities aren’t available for temporary Australian visa holders. The reason why the government doesn’t provide these facilities on this visa is that the visa is provided to the people who haven’t made any contributions through their income tax or annual tax. Therefore, they aren’t eligible to receive these benefits.

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