How kids can learn to tell time fast

How Kids can Learn to Tell time Fast?

Teaching a child is one of the most complicated tasks in the world. And you go through a lot of problems when teaching them how to tell time. Sometimes, the child cannot tell time correctly even at the age of 10 years. That’s just because the parents do not use the right methods to teach them how to tell time. The mobile phones are considered to be a better alternative as kids can easily tell time by taking a look at the smartphone.

How kids can learn to tell time fast

But that’s not the right way of teaching them how to tell them. Although you can use the mobile phone to build the basic concept it shouldn’t be used as a permanent solution. You must look for simple methods that can be helpful in teaching your child. We can make this process easier by describing the methods we use to teach the children how to tell. So, let’s take a look at the methods that are useful for teaching your child about how to tell time.


Understanding the Basics


You must teach your child about different phases of the day like morning, afternoon, evening, and night. Then you should teach them counting from 1 to 60. Moreover, you must teach them about the groups of five so they may find it easier to tell time.


Design a clock

How kids can learn to tell time fast

You can use a paper to design a clock with your child. And then make different creatures on the clock to make the process easier for them. The kids find it easier to tell the time when they can see some relevant creatures on the clock. You can also buy the kid’s clock from different suppliers. If you take a visit to tick-tock clocks to view children clocks range, you’d understand why it’s important to buy a kid’s clock.


Divide it into four pieces


Now that the child is able to tell the minutes, you must teach them how to understand the quarters. Simply, teach them how they can divide the clock into four pieces. You can draw a line on each quarter to help them understand how they can tell time accurately.


Practice Regularly


Once you’ve taught the basic concepts to your child, you must regularly practice it with them. And ask them to tell the time whenever they come in front of the clock. The kids will start showing their interest very soon. And they will start telling you the time even if you didn’t ask them. And they’d soon get a grip over it.

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