Common Issues in Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is an important space in any home and this is where a lot of activity takes place such as meal preparation, dining and entertaining. A kitchen has to be functional but there can be certain things in your kitchen that can bring down the function. These items will be discussed in the article below.

Sometimes the kitchen layout can be inefficient where it doesn’t plan for proper traffic flow.

This will create congestion in the kitchen. For example, there has to be space for two people to pass comfortably in the kitchen without bumping into each other. Think about how you can work comfortably in the kitchen with another person. Also, you may be retracing steps and taking a longer route from the essential areas of the kitchen. This can be avoided by adhering to the kitchen triangle which includes the stove sink and refrigerator in a triangular arrangement that is within a practical walkable distance. By maintaining this, you will be able to minimise the time to travel between these areas. If you feel that your kitchen is inefficient and working in this space is frustrating, you can check out perpetual news for designs to get an idea of how you can improve.

Not having enough storage is a common issue in many kitchens.

To ensure streamlined and efficient workflow you need to have organisation in the kitchen. This can be done by using smart storage solutions and categorising your storage. You can zone similar supplies together so it is easier to find them. Make sure to use vertical storage, deep drawers, pull out shelves and wall mounted storage to your advantage so that you don’t run out of space for storage. Even if you have a very small area for the kitchen, you can still find more places to store things. For example, the space between the cabinets and the floor called the toe gap can be transformed to pull out shelves that will open at a touch or kick. You can keep flat items here. You need to have sufficient counter space when it comes to preparing meals. You need to allocate counter space to prepare meals, cook, wash etc. You can use islands if you have a spacious kitchen and this can double as a gathering place as well.

In a small kitchen,

You can even transform the sink into counter space by covering it with a chopping board the same size and shape as the sink opening. You can even have a small hole in it for water to drop through. As there is a lot of work going on in the kitchen, you need to have proper lighting, most kitchens have ambient lighting only and this can be hard to work with as your shadow will always be falling over the counter when you are cutting, chopping, preparing meals etc. To prevent this from happening, you can use task lighting installed under the overhead cabinets. Make sure to have sufficient ventilation as poor ventilation can lead to odours and smoke lingering in the kitchen. You can use a quality range hood or a ventilation system to improve indoor air quality.