Advantages Of Building a Granny Flat in Your Yard

One of the greatest ideas, when it comes to putting your large garden space to good use, is building granny flats. Here are a few reasons as to why you should consider building a granny flat if you’ve got the space!

Rental Income

If you have an ample amount of backyard space that’s simply sitting around and requires constant maintenance with absolutely no purpose, why not turn it into a means of income? Building a granny flat allows you to rent the extra space out to small families, young or old couples, etc thus bringing you a source of rental income.

This income could in turn help you pay out loans and mortgages. And all new and modern looking granny flat makes it more attractive and easier to rent as it is in top condition and all ready to live in. Before renting out, keep in mind means of privacy and comfort for both you as well as the renters.

Guest House

Whether it’s your own family visiting from afar or tourists looking for an appropriate paid accommodation, inspiring homes and granny flats can make for a great guest house. Alongside giving your guests the privacy, they need, it also allows them to relax and enjoy the presence of their space rather than being all crammed under a single roof. However, this means that you’ll have to adjust the purpose and needs of your granny flat in order to provide and meet the usual guest house requirements.

Property Value

With granny flats being considered as a great addition to a housing land, property values are known to be higher. This is due to the fact that granny flats are a tremendous benefit and are valuable to every house owner and therefore buyers would equally be interested and eager to purchase your property. If you’re planning to sell your property in the near future, adding property value with the help of such additions can go a long way in helping you with a successful sale.

Home office

If you’re looking to start your own business with a comfortable and solid house office, a granny flat can indeed be a great and flexible structure for such needs. The sufficient amount of indoor space in a granny flat allows you to set up a proper office workspace. The privacy allows for professional and undisturbed atmosphere to carry on with your work. With a home office so near, it allows you to accomplish the best work-life balance.

Living Arrangements

Granny flats provide living arrangements that allows you to keep your nearest and dearest family members close to you. This in turn allows you ensure they’re safe and rids you of worries that would usually trigger when living far apart. It also keeps you close in case of emergencies and other requirements. With a granny flat house, you can take care of the elderly in the families and keep them living comfortable and close.

Let us know if you plan on building a granny flat too!

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